Friday, December 2, 2011

Making Social Media Fun

One of our major points covered today was back to the basics. How do we build a website that's fun? Something fun isn't all too easy to achieve today with so many options on the web and also an overload of information. Keeping it basic and fun is something that we felt is key to the success of Premu. So if you're reading this and testing Premu during our Alpha launch, we want to hear from you! Is Premu Fun? Do you enjoy using Premu and want to come back because it's a fun utility that makes parts of social media more enjoyable? Well, if not, tell us why as each day we're striving to create a place that's fun, fun to interact, fun to share, fun to play, fun to discover, and fun to engage.

Fun is over looked all too much because websites can't just be fun and games, they need to drive revenue. A business isn't all about fun and games, it's about the bottom line, but there have been a handful of internet start-ups that have accomplished both and those are the ones that we are the most proud of. It's the sites that have actually cared so much about the user enjoying their experience that it meant making a compromise on their bottom line. We hope you enjoy Premu and use it a fun way to use social networking.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brand Engagement in Social Media

One of our core missions at Premu is to help drive Brand Engagement within Social Media.  Our system allows brands to engage with their users and get more involved in Social Media.  Brands are becoming more like people and people are becoming more likes and Premu is the platform to connect the two.  Finally, people can act as Brands and Brands can act as people as they engage with users in the Social Media Ecosystem.  Facebook pages were a start for Brands, but many brands still can't get their hands wrapped around the social media advertising and how to best use the medium.  

Premu sets out to create an ecosystem that supports both users and brands and keeps it fun all at the same time.  In addition to providing brands with a new vehicle to help with their Social Media advertising.  One of the most difficult pieces of setting up and maintaining a brands social media presences is eliminating that sense of brand to user communication.  People like hearing from people, not from a corporation.  They want to get in the corporation and talk to someone real, not just a PR person who only cares about getting out a message for PR or helping to sell a product.   People should get the real deal and be an extension of companies as the ambassadors for companies are in fact an extension of the marketing department for brands.  Brands need to embrace that theory and commit to becoming real when they communicate with users in Social Media.  In doing so, it will create a great place for people to interact with Brands and vice versa. 

If you're a brand and your looking to partner or improve your social media marketing, feel free to contact 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Executing Upon a Vision

Writing this blog post today to talk about some of the major hurdles entrepreneurs come across when trying to execute upon their vision.   When building an internet business, you need be ready for change and also be nimble as what you thought would be great last month may be different from what's actually great this month.   To add to an ever-changing internet landscape, you will also have a myriad of new competitors who come into the space with their own value proposition.   It's very easy to say, these guys are doing this great, let's not do it, or do we even have the money or time to make this feature better?  It's also very easy to turn your head and go back down the other direction. 

Well what you should be doing is keep on pushing forward through the hurdles and execute against your vision while keeping your vision ever-changing. Understand that you vision will need to be adjusted many times before you get it right and stay the course until you figure out what that is... We've been hearing the quote "fail fast" or "fail harder" a lot recently as we approach on creating a strong brand and great product.   By failing faster is the only way we can truly work out the kinks and get to a point we are fully executing upon our vision.  

Therefore, as we push forward, we know there will be strong competition but as long as we do what we set out to do which is create a great product that you love to user every day, then we have succeeded in executing against our vision.   Burt sent a great quote this morning and wanted to add it here as it felt right.  It can’t be forced. People have to genuinely love the product. If they love it, they’ll tell their friends. It has to be authentic.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Social Media Contest

Thanks for visiting the blog, home of a new social media start-up.  Premu is building an application that will be tons of fun.  It's a social media contest allowing users to interact, connect, and share great deals with friends.  Our team has been working on the application for months now and we are very excited to bring this to you.  Being an entrepreneur isn't easy by any means and we hope you will try out the site and send it to your friends, in addition to share feedback with us as to how we can improve the application and make it more fun and helpful for our users.   

We are calling Premu "The Social Contest" as it's a very interactive system for all our users to compete in a friendly way with other users.  Created by a team of internet veterans, we asked the question "Why Social Media?" and you can read the blog post by Premu Co-Founder - Joe Britton on Business Insider about thoughts on the Social Landscape.