Friday, December 2, 2011

Making Social Media Fun

One of our major points covered today was back to the basics. How do we build a website that's fun? Something fun isn't all too easy to achieve today with so many options on the web and also an overload of information. Keeping it basic and fun is something that we felt is key to the success of Premu. So if you're reading this and testing Premu during our Alpha launch, we want to hear from you! Is Premu Fun? Do you enjoy using Premu and want to come back because it's a fun utility that makes parts of social media more enjoyable? Well, if not, tell us why as each day we're striving to create a place that's fun, fun to interact, fun to share, fun to play, fun to discover, and fun to engage.

Fun is over looked all too much because websites can't just be fun and games, they need to drive revenue. A business isn't all about fun and games, it's about the bottom line, but there have been a handful of internet start-ups that have accomplished both and those are the ones that we are the most proud of. It's the sites that have actually cared so much about the user enjoying their experience that it meant making a compromise on their bottom line. We hope you enjoy Premu and use it a fun way to use social networking.