Saturday, June 23, 2012

Premu Featured in Killer Startups was featured in the cool website about hot new startups, called Killer Startups.
"I love good deals. I just don’t have the patience to find them. Like me, the founders of Premu were dissatisfied with existing online sites designed for the bargain hunter. Too many of the wrong deals to sift through, too much fine print to scrutinize. Premu works with a Facebook account, allowing users to find a wide variety of online coupons. Share deals with family or friends and you’ll also have the chance to win contests and sweepstakes."

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Premu Social Promotions drive sales and engagement

Many brands and companies debate as too which type of online media should demand most of their advertising spend in 2012. The fastest growing forms of online advertising are mobile marketing and social media. Display, Search, Video and Email still drive reach and performance, but it's important that advertisers don't overlook the importance of staying ahead of the curve and learning ways to adopt to new forms of advertising, new agencies, software's, reports and analytics that can help them build their brand.

This leads us to social promotions which get people talking about your brand, keep your brand top of mind, and engage your social audience. Creating a dialogue from brand to consumers is one of the toughest things to accomplish so it's important to build promotions, products, and devices to earn and keep their loyalty, reward them and prove to them they are in good hands with your brand. Influence should not be taken lightly in Social Media, as virality can be created by just one tweet or Facebook post by a powerful individual with a high Klout score and large network. Word spreads about coupons, promotions, offers faster than ever before. Now is the opportunity to take advantage of the viral web, integrate this form of advertising into your plan to compliment other forms of advertising such as search, display, and even offline advertising.

Running a social promotion is the start, but running the right social promotion is the important part. Does it fit in with your brand and your audience? It's important to know your audience and engage them in a two-way dialogue, make them feel like you would an employee of your company and do everything you can to keep your customers happy. So after building a promotion that's right for your audience, find the right outlets to market your promotion online and offline to reach that audience that fits perfectly with your brand. Then track, optimize, and measure the campaign and promotion to build your brand, drive sales, grow your network, and win the race.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Social Couponing

If you're like us, when you find a great deal, like the one from Amazon Local today $5 for $10 spent at Amazon, you love sharing that deal with friends. So do we! Deal sharing has been made great because of all the great deals you can find on the web on sites including Groupon, Living Social, and also Target Daily Deals and other merchants. Each day, there are new great offers that will save you money on the things you need. That is our goal, to save money on the items that you would need to buy and make buying online easier to do. As we pull feeds of thousands of deals each day, simply browse your favorite categories or search using our deal search feed to find that deal that will save you money!

Coupons just got a little more social with Premu as sharing with friends and the rest of our community is our goal. We hope you join the site and enjoy all the great deals in one easy and fun place!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Congratulations to our Blockbuster Winner!

Congratulations to Renea from Gainsville, Florida for winning the Blockbuster Contest and a $50 Blockbuster Gift Card on Premu. Thank you to all the participants for helping to create a great first contest on Premu!

Visit to request an invite if you'd like to join our next free contest!

Find the Best Deals

Finding the best deals on the web can be a daunting process, whether on the web or your mobile device. There are certainly some great websites and apps that can help you find great deals each day to make your shopping experience great. Premu is working to make that process easier by aggregating thousands of deals from the best brands into your personalized account. If you're a fan of Walmart, Target, Kohl's, and other great department stores, you can customize your deals to include only deals from the stores that you shop at. Furthermore, if you are interested only in baby products, then you can easily sort and view all the deals on baby products within these large department stores... The days of hunting through thousands of deals that aren't relevant to you are coming to end.

Last year was a big boom in not only national deals from the big department stores, but also daily deal sites have grown tremendously with the likes of Groupon, Living Social, Plum District, and even Google getting into the space with Google Offers. So hunting for a great deal just got a little more cluttered as now you can find deals from local stores and shops competing with the major department stores. Thus, making it all the more important to have a place to find the right deal you want at the right time from large and small stores alike.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Future of Couponing Shifts to Mobile

In the past, we used to grab the sunday paper and hit the coupon page to cut out the latest coupons for the week. We strived to find the best food and grocery coupons and were open to receiving coupons in the mail from companies like Valpak, Redplum, and others. As times are changing, these tried and true methods of getting great coupons are still around and used by millions to find deals and discounts on their local stores, services, & restaurants. Local Daily deal sites surely gave people a new way to get great deals as the discounts that daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Plum District, and others were new coupons and discounts that have never been seen before. By participating in a membership for these sites, you're emailed with these great local deals every day as stores in the thousands strive to get more customers and Daily Deal sites provided them with the distribution on their price cuts, sales, and offers.

With smart phones and apps, the future of coupons is surely shifting to mobile. Heading to the local Target, Walmart, or Sears and browsing through the store, you should have access to the latest coupon that you have on the web right there and then when your shopping in the store. While some sites provide these services, we're not quite there yet. In a few years, you may even be able to take a picture of a product from your phone and do a search to find if there any coupons on that product that you can apply at the store. Coupons have been around for hundreds of years and the introduction of smart phones, tablets, it will change the coupon industry forever in favor of the consumer. With the recession of 2008, people continue to look for savings and the trend hasn't ended in 2012. So stay with us as the industry evolves and mobile coupons continue to grow.

Friday, March 2, 2012

100+ New Stores Added to Premu

Our team has been working hard to rollout an amazing product in Premu and help our loyal users find amazing deals and save money. To follow on this mission, we just rolled out 100+ New Stores sending us thousands of discounts, sales, price cuts, and more in real time! Now you can easily sort and find deals from brands like Target, Walmart,, Sears, Kohl's, Starbucks, and many others.

We hope you enjoy the website, find some great deals, and win some cool virtual trophies and prizes in the process.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Save Money in 2012

At Premu, our mission is help you save money in 2012. The platform helps you find coupons and deals from your favorite brands when you want them! In addition, the more you use Premu, the more you win as you gain points in our current monthly contests including gift cards, trophies, and more!

Saving on the internet can be cumbersome, you can look around and hunt through deal sites and never know if you're getting the best deals. Premu makes it easy for you to follow the brands and categories that interest you to weed out all the unwanted fluff and just find the deals, bargains, price cuts, and cool finds that you're looking for, and the best part is that we have store like Target, Walmart, Sears, Kohl's, Starbucks, and many other stores that you may buy from on a weekly/monthly basis. In addition, daily deals are becoming frustrating with tons of daily deals to weed through, and now you can easily sort, filter, and view the daily deals for you. Find, Earn, and Win on

If you haven't requested an invite to join yet, you can do so by visiting

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Premu Partners with to offer printable coupons

Premu has partnered with to bring users savings, discounts, and millions of food and grocery coupons. The partnership comes as an added bonus for the audience, and being a place for users to find all the best savings on the web in one destination, in addition to making that social.

On Premu Printables, you can Bookmark and Like the page to share it with friends and always have a place to easily download your favorite grocery coupons in an easy and fun way. View Printable Coupons on Premu to print coupons today.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our first social contest with Blockbuster

Join us for's first monthly contest by Blockbuster. Come be one of our first ever users on Premu. Grow with us. We'll stay loyal to you and you can win prizes and get great deals along the way.

Click Here to Join the Fun!

It's free and fun and tell us what you think!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Social and Search

With Social media growing, so is social media and search engines and Premu hopes to be a big part of the social evolution.

Official Google Blog: Search, plus Your World

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Video

Check out the cool video of the new design of Request an invite to join today! adds hundreds of merchant deals

Over the past few weeks, we've been adding hundreds of merchants and deals to our database to provide our users with the latest and greatest deals on the web. Premu wants to satisfy the deal and bargain hunters out there looking for a great deal and Premu serves that deal in a fun way. Now you can deal hunt, get great discounts, and win contests with cool prizes for doing what you do every day.

We're always looking for feedback as we embark on this journey of providing a great utility to find deals, coupons, and discounts from all over the web that are customized and tailored to your interests.

Request an Invite at today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Premu Launches Alpha Website

It is with great pleasure to announce that has launched our Alpha Invite-Only website. So far so good and the site is running smoothly among our test users. We hope you bare with us and stay the course as you may find some bugs here and there and feel free to share them with us at Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out more features filling the much needed gaps to make a spectacular place to deal hunt, share deals with friends, and get rewarded!

We hope you enjoy the alpha website and have already found some of the great deals from our partners useful as we have! I just bought a $20 for $40 coupon at FTD... tough to beat that!

Stay tuned for the next update and be sure to request an invite if you haven't received an invite yet!

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