Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Future of Couponing Shifts to Mobile

In the past, we used to grab the sunday paper and hit the coupon page to cut out the latest coupons for the week. We strived to find the best food and grocery coupons and were open to receiving coupons in the mail from companies like Valpak, Redplum, and others. As times are changing, these tried and true methods of getting great coupons are still around and used by millions to find deals and discounts on their local stores, services, & restaurants. Local Daily deal sites surely gave people a new way to get great deals as the discounts that daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Plum District, and others were new coupons and discounts that have never been seen before. By participating in a membership for these sites, you're emailed with these great local deals every day as stores in the thousands strive to get more customers and Daily Deal sites provided them with the distribution on their price cuts, sales, and offers.

With smart phones and apps, the future of coupons is surely shifting to mobile. Heading to the local Target, Walmart, or Sears and browsing through the store, you should have access to the latest coupon that you have on the web right there and then when your shopping in the store. While some sites provide these services, we're not quite there yet. In a few years, you may even be able to take a picture of a product from your phone and do a search to find if there any coupons on that product that you can apply at the store. Coupons have been around for hundreds of years and the introduction of smart phones, tablets, it will change the coupon industry forever in favor of the consumer. With the recession of 2008, people continue to look for savings and the trend hasn't ended in 2012. So stay with us as the industry evolves and mobile coupons continue to grow.