Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Premu Social Promotions drive sales and engagement

Many brands and companies debate as too which type of online media should demand most of their advertising spend in 2012. The fastest growing forms of online advertising are mobile marketing and social media. Display, Search, Video and Email still drive reach and performance, but it's important that advertisers don't overlook the importance of staying ahead of the curve and learning ways to adopt to new forms of advertising, new agencies, software's, reports and analytics that can help them build their brand.

This leads us to social promotions which get people talking about your brand, keep your brand top of mind, and engage your social audience. Creating a dialogue from brand to consumers is one of the toughest things to accomplish so it's important to build promotions, products, and devices to earn and keep their loyalty, reward them and prove to them they are in good hands with your brand. Influence should not be taken lightly in Social Media, as virality can be created by just one tweet or Facebook post by a powerful individual with a high Klout score and large network. Word spreads about coupons, promotions, offers faster than ever before. Now is the opportunity to take advantage of the viral web, integrate this form of advertising into your plan to compliment other forms of advertising such as search, display, and even offline advertising.

Running a social promotion is the start, but running the right social promotion is the important part. Does it fit in with your brand and your audience? It's important to know your audience and engage them in a two-way dialogue, make them feel like you would an employee of your company and do everything you can to keep your customers happy. So after building a promotion that's right for your audience, find the right outlets to market your promotion online and offline to reach that audience that fits perfectly with your brand. Then track, optimize, and measure the campaign and promotion to build your brand, drive sales, grow your network, and win the race.