Saturday, November 12, 2011

Social Media Contest

Thanks for visiting the blog, home of a new social media start-up.  Premu is building an application that will be tons of fun.  It's a social media contest allowing users to interact, connect, and share great deals with friends.  Our team has been working on the application for months now and we are very excited to bring this to you.  Being an entrepreneur isn't easy by any means and we hope you will try out the site and send it to your friends, in addition to share feedback with us as to how we can improve the application and make it more fun and helpful for our users.   

We are calling Premu "The Social Contest" as it's a very interactive system for all our users to compete in a friendly way with other users.  Created by a team of internet veterans, we asked the question "Why Social Media?" and you can read the blog post by Premu Co-Founder - Joe Britton on Business Insider about thoughts on the Social Landscape.